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evies met at Daventry, it was s▓urprised, when contemplating the relief of Pon▓tefra


ct and Scarborough, to find itsel●f in touch with the army of Fairfax, which●, abandoning the siege of Oxford, had mov▓ed north to engage the royal army.Wi▓th it was Cromwell as lieutenant-ge●neral of horse.But if the king was ign●orant as to the whereabouts of his adversary, ▓Fairfax was not

.The use of cavalry was ●being understood; “every st▓ep of the army of the Parliame●nt was guided and guarded by the action o●f detachments” of this arm.11 Ireton watche●d and threatened the enemy’s retr▓eat on Market Harborough, and ▓on the evening of the 13th drove the ●king’s rearguard out of Naseby, ▓the main body of the army being t●hen south of Harborough.The▓ next day the very casual and careles●s reconnaissance of Rupert’s troopers repor

ted▓ that no

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hostile bodies were in sight, and wit▓h the false impression that Fairfax was r▓etre


ating, the royal army advanced to the at▓tack of an enemy superior in number▓, more highly disciplined, and ▓strongly posted on Mill Hill, north-west of the▓ village of Naseby.The king’s army ●was in three lines: the first of f●our regiments, the second of three r▓egiments, the third of the

king’s a▓nd

Rupert’s regiments.Lord Astley commanded th▓e infantry (about 5500 men), Rupert th

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m▓anded the cavalry of the left wing, of five regi▓ments of cavalry and one of dragoons arra▓nged in two lines, while the latter lined a h▓edgerow to protect the left flank.T▓he infantry under Skippon was in two lines: the ●first, five regiments strong, the second or r▓eserve, three regiments.The baggag▓e, with a strong guard of “shot,●


” was posted in rear of the left flank. ● The battle began by the attack of Ireton ag▓ainst the opposing cavalry “in echelon right in● front”; but as this exposed his right flank to● the fire of the infantry squares of the first l▓ine, he turned his righ

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